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VOTE for nightly tournaments.

Started by K.C. Magic Data, June 20, 2015, 05:59:59 pm

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7 and 9 would be great for me, too.

By the way, thanks for taking consideration to the feedback and explaining your point of view.
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I would like to see a 6 and 8 pm points and the 10 elimination.


really not enough options o the vote.  I believe there needs to be changes made not necessarily more or less tournaments/different times.

K.C. Magic Data

If 3 elimination tournaments wins the vote then not much option for times other than 6 8 10.
If 2 Elimination tournaments wins then we can discuss the times again.

I know having 3 tournaments a night sounds better, but it will diminish the players available in the regular community  every night. Maybe 3 Tournaments a night just on Friday or weekends or just Sundays... etc.
Kevin S Currie


i personally like the 2 elimination at 7 and 9

K.C. Magic Data

I added 1 more choice and you CAN change your votes.

Kevin S Currie


I like the 8 0 clock because i think it gives newer players a chance to play with the the ones that have been around for a long time. In regular games they don,t . They don,t in the 10 o clock either.  Can,t cheat in the 8 o clock.  I like both . 7 and 9 o clock is a great idea. Very late for the Manetoba  people. My opinion. :)


so what is the status of the 8 points tourny? is it going to change to an elimination tourny?

K.C. Magic Data

At the moment i have not focused much on what will be done as far as the results show. I have been more concerned with finding out why there are disconnects in the 8 PM tournament.

more than 1/3 want to keep it as is, so that makes the decision harder.
There will be a change in the time to 7 and 9 eventually. Im surprised at how many want 3 tournaments nightly.
If everyone is in playing Tournaments then the community is mostly empty in the evenings.
Kevin S Currie


If the 8oclock tourny was eliminated then it would be easier for you then you wouldnt have to spend time finding out why there are disconnects lol

K.C. Magic Data

That is true and i had thought of that also. Some have reported the disconnect in the 10PM as well but mostly the 8PM.

I will be issuing an update soon that will make changes to a few areas of the program so id rather do them all at once in 1 update. They will contain Tournament changes and hopefully some fixes.
Kevin S Currie


I like it the way it is....maybe add an afternoon tournament as well.


i like catman's suggestion for random partner elimination for one of the tourney's. i'm not sure how points works but taking over partners bid just to out point them sounds to greedy both partners should get equal points for all bids.....period... and the 3 is my friend lol.

K.C. Magic Data

I have the best suggestion... what about an Elimination Tourn where every player plays with a bot?  ;D
Kevin S Currie