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how can one cheat in point tourney?

Started by Jasper, March 21, 2011, 12:06:52 pm

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March 21, 2011, 12:06:52 pm Last Edit: March 21, 2011, 12:35:20 pm by Jasper
im aware of users thinking i cheat in point tourney...my question is how would you cheat the server ??? id like to thank starlight for bringing this to my attention and not telling me whos saying it... enough guts to ask but not enough to tell... for all those that like to talk sh*t behind my back.... thanks i love you too...  


Please don't lump all us users together Jasper, it's only a select few out there that figure you have to be cheating if they can't beat you.  I am curious as well, to know how they figure a person could cheat in that tourney.  Wonder if they have enough balls to speak up?


I second that, please don't feel as though ALL members have that opinion. Too many times tempers over rule common sense. As for being able to cheat in random partners? sounds impossible to me. See you at the tables Jasper  :)


I have seen it happen to me.  If you disconnect in the 8pm tourney it will give you 10 points for the the win and lots of times you can rejoin the same table to win again for another 10 points for the same game. If your points for all 3 games won is more than 30 points total for the entire 8pm tourney, then this is probably what happened. If at the end of the 8 pm tourney the stats were posted showing the breakdown of all the points made during the tourney from the 3 winners, it would show if this is happening.

K.C. Magic Data

I added this feature because players were having trouble staying connected to the Server.
Also because when a Host decided the tournament wasnt worth finishing in the middle of a game that has been going on for 9 hands or 10 minutes they could just leave and abandon all the players at the table. These 3 players would then have to start their game over and waste more time. So i wrote some intricate code to try and help speed things along because i hated the emails i got demanding i give them their earned points and tournament credits.

"You have acquired an automatic win because the Host disconnected"             
"Game Won for 10 points plus 20 Tournament points"

If there is a way to cheat with this feature then you can be assured that someone will do it because its easier than actually playing the game for fun and winning by following the rules.

I will be going through my code to fix some little glitches. I havnt read my code in a very long time so it becomes confusing to me and thats why it causes more problems then it fixes sometimes.
Kevin S Currie


 :D :D Awwwwwwww Jasper I know you dont cheat (you lucky little bugger sometimes lol) but definately not a cheater. I have witness you come last in a tourney lol remember???