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Odds of getting the five

Started by elginz, February 04, 2009, 08:19:27 pm

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Has anyone done any work at various odds with different card combinations? I was wondering what the chances of getting the five if you have the Ace and King of Hearts. I did a rough calculation & came up with 65% of the time. Does this sound right?


I would think it would be higher, probably closer to 80 percent. 33% chance that your partner has the 5 of hearts.


That's what I thought at first. I guess I'm going to hve to deal 100 hands (with the AK in one hand) & see how many times the 5 drops for me.


I did deal 100 hands with me holding the AK of hearts and the 5 drop 68 times (68% or about 2 out of 3 hands)

Of course if the 5 didn't drop my partner & I would still have a chance to capture the 5. If it is estimated that we would have an equal chance as our opposition then the overall chance of capturing the 5 would be about 80%.