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Her Royalness

Started by rewind, January 22, 2009, 02:16:42 pm

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In a room beyond the sight of most there's Bloody ears and scraps of hair;
Left there by Her Royalness, who calmy states --"I don't really care".

My Broadsword ain't what it used to be, it's dull and out of tune;
And I don't get many Knights-to-be coming around here in this room.

The Commoners and Serfs all leave when I arrive;
I suppose they think it's better to leave than stay and surely not survive.

I'm always looking for Knights-to-be, but few do venture here;
I've even offered Air Miles and a big 24 of Beer.

It can't be my looks---why I'm the fairest in the Land;
Maybe It's the shaking of my trusty ole Right Hand.

I try to Dub the shoulder as one is taught to do;
The last poor guy ended up with my Broadsword embeded in his shoe.

OK OK i will admit that on the Swords way down;
I've hit the odd ear and nose and the Doc has come from Town.

Failing eyesight, shakey hand and a memory that ain't quite there;
But come on People-I'm your Queen-you should really really care.