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reporting unusual occurrences

Started by sandeeT, November 09, 2008, 04:58:34 am

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Dem gremlins gettin' worse!!!  Late tourney last nite I was Noreen's p, she hosted, I joined, clikked on seat, Ghugs & Tinliza entered room.  I could see the cards dealt in front of Noreen, I didn't get moved from top seat, game started to play without showing me my cards or letting Ghugs & Tinliza sit.  So I asked everyone to please return to the lobby & I hosted 2nd time.  All was okay except that I cudn't see Tinliza's avatar, I even asked her if she was going to sit because her seat showed a bot on my screen.  This remained the same throughout the whole game.
Do they sell gremlin repellent in S'toon?  If so I need to purchase some.


Don't know if this is strange or not SandeeT, however I noticed 3 Camels, 4 Elephants and a Penguin at the Post Office Today.  Yours ever---Rewind.


My dearest ReMind;
I am sure these sightings occurred whilst you were in the company of your best friend, the infamous "rubber ducky".  Be cautious my friend that someone doesn't replace your "rubber
ducky" with a "rubber room".  LOL