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gremlins creeping in again

Started by sandeeT, November 04, 2008, 11:48:50 pm

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Hi Kevin!
Long time no see.  Obviously u hv no time for playing...too bad.  Hope all well w. u.
Anyway, within last 10 days to 2 weeks been some strange lil things happening in kaiserland.  Players get disconnected for no apparent reason,
cards will switch during play, players joining room in tourney get bounced back out to lobby again, some wrong names being recorded as in NINI's case 2nite.  I can't get a hand to bid on  :D, hv to do a restart after leaving kaiser tourney or it will stay connected to our computer.  Also some folks experiencing hving same cards as other players in room or being given the bid when they did not bid in the first place.  One game 2day, Ken said the dealer had to bid first....srry he at work so can't ask him what time or who he was with.  Tonite Bad4uBabe was not given points for game win in early tourney when original host got disconnected & game of course ended, so Bad opened table.   I think his p was Maude.  Not sure who they were playing....was waiting in lobby, chatting as usual so only paying scant attention.
Soooo...wondering if perhaps u need to do some pre-Xmas housecleaning of program or whatever it is u do LOL.  I am merely a 'puter user & don't pretend to comprehend what goes on w. programming. 
Leaving in ur capable hands Kevin.  Will try to report things as they occur as very few others take the time to do so,  tho' they sure quick to beach about it when it happens.
Thanks very many!
Wishing u well,