Criticcal Update keeps reloading at signon

Started by AllanG, April 14, 2017, 03:18:39 pm

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Every time I sign on I am forced to do critical update.  I am still using old Kaiser but I think both it and K4 do this.  It involves about six extra steps.

K.C. Magic Data

Lets narrow it down 1 at a time.

Open Kaiser 4 and Quote verbatim what happens step by step word for word.
Ignore old Kaiser at this time.

Kevin S Currie


The problem I am having with the repeated update/download is with the old Kaiser only.  Kaiser 4 starts up easily and quickly with only one or two steps.
Old Kaiser:
1.  Kaiser Network Version 7.1.0 - log in
2.  Kaiser Network Update Update - OK
3.  User Account Control - Yes
4.  Kaiser Network Update ... Welcome to ditto - Update
5.  Completing the ditto Setup Wizard - Finish
6.  Kaiser Network Version 7.1.0 - log in
7.  Play
8.  Log off
Repeat steps 1-8 when logging on again.

K.C. Magic Data

Thank you that was helpfull.

Just curious why your still trying to use Kaiser Network when Kaiser Four is working for you?

My suggestion for Kaiser Network is completely uninstall then download the last version from here and install it again.
This way you wont be told to update since you have installed the latest version directly.
Kevin S Currie


I followed your suggestion and uninstalled and reinstalled Kaiser Network.  It solved my problem of having to repeat updates and it also restored to better appearance - green background and all avatars.
The answer to your question of why I continue to use Kaiser Network instead of Kaiser Four is that I cannot practically make comments on Kaiser Four.  I will provide more detail on this on the other thread - Kaiser Four topic thread.