Google Chrome, Firefox, Brave, Explorer, Edge, Opera

these are the basics for using the Browsers shown above and will work for Kaiser Four and Kaiser One

  • With Chrome you can Right Click on Install Kaiser and choose Open link in New tab

  • You must then choose Keep

  • Then you click the file to run it.

  • Or you can optionally choose Download setup.exe and open the file to begin the Setup of Kaiser
  • Firefox will prompt to Save File

  • Look for the download to complete with the Down arrow near the top Right as in the picture.

  • Click the down arrow and click file to open it
  • Edge will prompt to Open File

  • Then you will be prompted to Install
  • Brave, Opera and many others may show the download in the bottom left of the browser window.

  • you can click Keep, Open or  Allow or click on the file to get the installation to start.

  • These are based on the browser you are using and may vary betwen them. 
  • Every Browser will be different and have its own methods

  • Most broswers require multiple steps to get a program installed. These are never automatic. Download and Install are not the same. A file is downloaded first and then it is opened or run to Install

  • You can always choose Download setup.exe then Run or Open it to install

  • Sometimes a virus checker will prevent setup.exe from being downloaded becase it thinks the file is not wanted.

  • If you are prompted or warned that the file is not common or may be unsafe you may have to procced with Run Anyway.