Kaiser the Card Game

Kaiser is a card game that has been played for many decades in Saskatchewan.
The game is played with 32 cards and 4 players. 2 Teams compete by bidding and taking tricks
while trying to acquire the 5 of Hearts but avoid the 3 of Spades. 

Kaiser Network Requires Microsoft Windows 

This version is officially discontinued

Replaced by Kaiser Four

Kaiser Network (2005)

This version was replaced with Kaiser Four
Download  includes a free 7 day online trial
11 Visual Themes
130 Characters to choose from
150 Taunting Sound Effects
Skilled computer players
A Community to join and play with others
Earn Points based on playing
2 Tournaments every day

Join the Kaiser Forum to ask questions or view upcoming events and  local Tournaments

100% Canadian made
Played  in Saskatchewan for many decades

K.C. Magic Data
PO Box 21081
Saskatoon, Sask
S7H 5N9 Canada