Kaiser The Card Game

Kaiser is a card game that has been played for many decades in Saskatchewan.
The game is played with 32 cards and 4 players. 2 Teams compete by bidding and taking tricks
while trying to acquire the 5 of Hearts but avoid the 3 of Spades. 

Kaiser Software for Windows, Mac, Ipad & Iphone

Online Multiplayer

2017 Multi-Player release of Kaiser
4 Player Online only for Windows
Play 4 Handed Kaiser over the Internet
Powered by the Kaiser Network
Play, watch, chat 
Windows Only

Offline Single Player

New 2023 version
Single Player, Offline only
Talented computer players
Change deck faces, colours
and backgrounds
Windows, Mac, Ipad & Iphone

Kaiser Four

per year

Windows Only

Kaiser One

per computer

Windows & Mac

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Kaiser Cards available Now

The original deck of Kaiser Cards have been brought back after 35 years.  
Click below to order your decks now.  

100% Canadian Made

Played  in Saskatchewan for many decades

K.C. Magic Data

Saskatoon, Sask
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