Online Kaiser Tournament Rules

Please read the following completely before taking part in the Tournaments.
Tournaments are only available to full members only
Tournaments are played separate from the regular Community. (Press "Tournament" on the top menu bar.)

You do not have to pre-register for Tournaments. Just Join and follow these rules.
You may only join a Tournament when the doorway to the Tournament is open.
After the doorway closes the Tournament has started and no players may join.
You cannot join a Tournament when you are in a game room, you must exit to the lobby first.

There are 2 types of Tournaments each night. 

The Tournament will start after the doors close

If you leave the Tournament after the doors close you cannot go back in

Scheduling is organized randomly

If you’re Partner leaves the Tournament a Computer Partner is automatic

Computer Players substitute as Partners and Players

The Schedule is sent indicating partners, opponents and Hosts

Auto invites are sent after the Scheduled Host starts the room

Hosts may not start the game until all scheduled players are at the table

Hosts may not remove players from the room, only from seats

Tie games play extra hand (10 hand count)

If a player becomes frozen, they may switch to BRB (Auto Play) so the game may continue

You must wait for each player to finish before the next schedule is sent.

Close or sign out of all instant messengers

Do not page players in other rooms unless needed.

Global Chat shows chat from all rooms and lobby. Used to prevent table talk

You cannot page players in your room.

A Progress button can be used to see how the Tournament is progressing

If a player is not responding to game play or is locked up they may be voted out

7PM Random Partners

Max 3 Rounds total

Playing for individual Points

Minimum 12 Players needed to start

Max 10 hands allowed

Partners are random

Will Never be humans vs Bots

Each player earns points separately

You do not earn points from your partners playing

You must finish this type of Tournament in order keep the points that you earned.

Points are collected for playing but not shown until the Tournament is over

Points are awarded to first, second and third place

Points are split in the event of ties

Earning Tournament Points

Game Won +10
Win in 4 or less hands +10
Win in 5-7 hands +3
Game Loss -5
Made Bid  +3
Bid Not made -1
No Trump Bid Made +1
No Trump Bid Not Made -1
Take 3 -1
Take 5  +2
Take All But 3 +5
Set Opponents +1
Each Trick +1

First Place 10 X Number of Players
Second Place 2 X Number of Players
Third Place 1 X Number of Players
Sunday Tournaments are worth Double Tournament Prize to the winner

9PM Elimination Style

Minimum 6 Teams needed to start

Players request a partner before tournament begins

Computer partners are available

Same partner entire Tournament

You must acquire a win to remain in the Tournament.

If there are an odd number of teams you will play against the Computer Players.

Players from the same location may not play as partners.

You earn and keep 20 points per round that you win

Last team in the Tournament wins the Tournament prize points
First Place 10 X Number of Players
Second Place 2 X Number of Players
Third Place 1 X Number of Players
Sunday Tournaments are worth Double Tournament Prize to the winner

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