Kaiser Four The Card Game

Powered by The Kaiser Network

By K.C. Magic Data

Questions Answered(Q&A)

Q) Will Kaiser Four overwrite my previous Kaiser Network version?

     A: No, this version is not an upgrade or update to Kaiser Network it will install separately. 

Q) Will I need a new Serial # or lose my current points?

    A: No, you can use your same Serial # and User Names. You will not lose any of your current points.

Q) Can I still use the previous Kaiser Network. 

    A: Yes, Both version will run side by side and will work together online.

Q) Can I still play in Kaiser Tournaments?

    A: Absolutely. It will look better and function better in Tournaments.

Q) Will changing my Room colors, deck or wallpaper affect what others see?

    A: No, only your computer can see your colors, wallpaper and the deck you have chosen. 

Q) Differences with Kaiser Network and Kaiser Four.

    A: The previous version of Kaiser Network will not see your chosen Character or Emoticons as they are only visible to Kaiser Four. Kaiser Four can still see the old Kaiser Network characters.

Q) Will Kaiser Four work with a MAC or Mobile devices?

    A: No, Kaiser is coded for Microsoft Windows only for now.


Kaiser Four has taken over a year and half to complete. I designed it to eventually replace the previous version of Kaiser Network. Kaiser Four is more user friendly, colorful and entertaining than ever before with new sounds, decks, colors, emoticons and wallpaper. 


Microsoft Windows 7, 8, 10

Monthly or Yearly Membership after Trial

Net framework 4.0 or higher

Resolution 1366 x 768

45 MB Disk Space

Not sure about your Resolution?


When you press Download Now below you will be prompted to Save. After the save is complete you must Run or Open the download to start the install.  Watch the videos below if you are not sure how to install.

        Look for this icon on your desktop after Install

                                        This version does not upgrade or replace your current version. It will run separately.
             You will use your current Serial # and User Names.

If you are not sure how to download and install watch the video samples below

Using Internet Explorer

If you are unsure how to download and Install Kaiser Four using Internet Explorer 

Click Play button in bottom left of video.

For full screen click the icon to the left of Vimeo. 

Using Firefox

If you are unsure how to download and Install Kaiser Four using Firefox.

Click Play button in bottom left of video. 

For full screen click the icon to the left of Vimeo. 

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