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User name offensive ?

Started by suz, May 05, 2015, 11:58:00 am

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Perhaps it is just me, but when a user with the name of MolesteR requested a seat in a game I was hosting i said "no, not with that name."  I have since received a negative feedback from that person, but the name comes up as Ursula. No biggie.

Just wanted to address however that the negative feedback states I refused to let them seat due to racism. Not at all, I refused because I find that user name HIGHLY offensive. I also feel the feedback with the racism comment is highly offensive as well.

Just thought I would make known as I have been messaged with concerns about the racism comment on my feedback.


K.C. Magic Data

That User name was removed and the negative feedback cleared.
The person has been given a suspension until they can agree to follow the Terms of Service for the Kaiser Network

Kevin S Currie


I appreciate the removal of the comment. Thank you.