Should Kaiser Tournament times be changed to 7PM and 9PM

Started by K.C. Magic Data, April 07, 2011, 11:31:34 pm

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K.C. Magic Data

Since i am making changes and fixes to the Tournaments i wanted to know what the players thought about the current times...

Currently they are 8PM and 10PM

should they be 7PM and 9PM

Kevin S Currie


I would vote but not sure which I would like better, having the late tourney earlier will allow me to play it but the early tourney is too early lol wouldnt get there too often so I am on the fence. I will leave it in the hands of my fellow Kaiser Allumni.


The times work great for me as they are.  I recently moved to Alberta and when the time changes back it would mean the early tournament would start at 6pm if you make any changes.  But will be, will be, and majority should rule.  I know there are people on here from Manitoba and they probably feel the opposite to me, lol.


Since I live in MB (& not in the enlightened prov of Sk where reason reigns and clocks are left alone) I disqualify myself from an opinion.


K.C. Magic Data

Kevin S Currie


guess i'm too late to weigh in on the subject. but here goes. i was disengaging family at 10 pm to play tourney which was not bad as their day was winding down anyways. abandoning family life at 9 pm is just plain rude. hope you all have fun i'll join in once in a blue moon.


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