How to remove a User Name from your List

Started by K.C. Magic Data, May 25, 2007, 10:14:16 pm

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K.C. Magic Data

If you have a User Name in your List of Users that you are unable to remove because you dont have the password or the serial number here is a straight forward way of doing it. This will not Delete it from the Server. :-\

                                      "Open" = Double Click ???

Close the  Kaiser Program

Open My Computer
Open "C" drive letter
Open Program Files
Open Kaiser Network
Open Users

Find the user name that matches the one you want to delete
Click it once then press the DELETE Key :-\    User Name gone  ::)

re open Kaiser and the User Name will not be in the list. :o

Kevin S Currie

K.C. Magic Data

When you Delete a user name following the instructions on this page then nothing is removed from the server and all the points remain. This just takes i off your computer. The only thing your computer contains is "Settings" such as the custom picture you chose, Skin Theme and anything that is an option or setting in the game. When you create the User name on a new computer it does not transfer these settings because they are not stored on the server.

When you use the Remove User at the logon screen it DOES remove everything from the server including all points and feedbacks. This alows anyone to create a new user with that username as though it didnt exist.
If you remove a User Name at the logon screen and someone else takes it then it belongs to them and i cant reverse it. They dont get your points or feedbacks of course.

You CAN have the same user name on more than one computer at the same time. Its best if they use the same Serial Number though. Kaiser doesnt care where you log on from all it checks is that the Serial Number is a valid one and current and that the password matches that user name. If you have the same user name on more than one computer but using different serial numbers then logging in may tell you that the serial number doesnt match. When you create a user name using a serial number then that serial number is linked to that user name. In order to change serial numbers you need to choose edit user then enter the different serial number then press SAVE. Then that serial number is now linked to the new serial number.

The email address that you use with the user name does not matter to the server its only used for password recovery or when i need to search for your purchase. I do not disclose this to any third party businnes. Its stays in my server only. I dont benifet by giving it to any other business for the purpose of spamming. Youll probably noticed by now that even i dont send out Kaiser spam emails. All my notices are posted in the Main Lobby.

Now im off to fix those nasty black cards :-\

Kevin S Currie


Thanks vvmuch Kevin!

This is great, I don't even hv to switch serial #'s back & forth on Ken's behalf.

Good luck with the mysterious black boxes....don't get too close to them, they cud b Vista wormholes LOL.