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Users Online (Game Screen)

Started by K.C. Magic Data, January 27, 2007, 09:21:59 pm

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K.C. Magic Data

While playing a game you may show the users currently online by selecting the Users Online from the top Menu. When there are more than 25 users online it is a good idea to keep this window closed as it may affect your game speed if left open.

The Users Online Options are:

Show All Users

If checked the list will show all users currently in the Community

Show Friends Only

If checked the list will only show users from your Friends List that are currently in the Community.

Friend Online Alert

If checked you will hear an alert sound effect whenever anyone from your Friends List is in the Community.

Page User

To page a user who is currently on the Community then select the username from the list and select Page User to have the chat window start a page message for you. if your Chat Window is closed then this option will not be available. You cannot

page your partner during a game.


By selecting a User Name  you will have the option to give the user a Positive or Negative feedback point.

A check mark will be placed beside Add Positive or Add Negative once you have selected. You may reverse the feedback

by selecting the opposite choice. The feedback you send is not seen by any other user and is limited to 1 point from each

computer. This means that you cannot send multiple feedback for a single user

A users feedback can be viewed by selecting View user Details.
Kevin S Currie