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Started by K.C. Magic Data, January 27, 2007, 09:21:35 pm

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K.C. Magic Data

Click on any User Name from anywhere in the game and choose View user Details.


Each player that joins the community will be ranked. Your ranking depends on your total points accumulated out

of how many players in total. Your ranking is a position on the Community according to your points and how many

players have ratings on the Kaiser Community.  More points mean a better Rank.

Abandon Games

Abandon Game Points are in place for people that tend to leave games early before collecting a game loss on their record.

If you leave a game before it has ended then you will collect 1 Abandon Game Point as well as loose 15 Bonus Points.

If you leave the game before it is over and your opponents have 40 score points or more then you will loose an extra 5 bonus points as well as a count a Game Lost and Game Played.  In most cases you will loose more points with Abandon Game then you would if you just finished the game instead. Your Abandon Game Points are visible  to all other users under View User Details.

In some cases a player may need to leave a game for other reasons than dodging a loss,  so it is left up to the game Host.

A player may ask the game Host to eject them from the game so that they don't receive the Abandon Game Point.

To do this a Host would click the requesting player from the table and  choose Remove Player.

Negative Feedback

Displays Negative Feedback given by others.

Positive feedback

Displays Positive Feedback given by others.
Kevin S Currie