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Started by K.C. Magic Data, January 27, 2007, 09:15:04 pm

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K.C. Magic Data


Sound Effects and Voice Effects

Sounds Effects occur when you open windows or click the buttons in the game and also during game play

for taunting other players. Either on or off.

Voice effects are the voices you here with bidding and trump. Either on or off

Friend Online Alert

Anytime a person from your Friends list comes online a sound will be made to notify you.

While you are playing a game, the Users Online window must be open for this alert to work.

Cover 3

This will indicate if this host is using the Cover 3 option .

It will either be Yes or No.

With the cover 3 option on then you will need to take 3 tricks before the 3 will be worth zero points.

1 trick with the 3 of Spades equals -3 points

2 tricks with the 3 of Spades equals -3 points

3 tricks with the 3 of Spades equals 0 points

First Sluff

Turn First sluff on or off before entering a game

Some players may use this in the playing of the cards. It indicates to your partner the suit you want played back.

It is determined by the first suit that you sluff. Not including the 5 or the 3.

May also be called invite.

Skin Themes

There are 10 visual skin themes to choose from.

These will alter the color and appearance of the game.
Kevin S Currie