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bot playing error topic restarted from 2018

Started by AllanG, October 14, 2019, 10:31:20 am

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Bot playing error persists, imo (already e-mailed to Kevin, with more detail):
I just had an experience with a bot not giving the five to its partner.

The play went like this:

1.  I played a card, not trump or spade.
2.  Bot1 played eight of spades (trump).
3.  My partner, Ilm, played 3 of spades.
4.  Bot2 had no cards in suit that was led by me.  Instead of sluffing the 5 onto his partners trick, Bot2 sloughed something else - to avoid the three.

You should fix the game so the Bot2 capitalizes on the opportunity to give its partner the five.

K.C. Magic Data

Thank you for the details.

Some of these might just be the conversion of code from the old version of Kaiser to the new Kaiser Four version.
 Obviously the Bot should have played the 5. The fact that the 3 was there changed its play.
Kevin S Currie