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crown the kaiser champ....--****--

Started by rabak, April 14, 2011, 10:07:31 am

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why not crown the hi point champ once a year. then restart all from zero. allowing new players to have a shot at least for next just an idea...thanks.

K.C. Magic Data

I had thought of allowing players to cash in their points for time online.

Such as 100,000 points = 1 month
600,000 = 6 months etc etc

Only problem with that is i lo$e out
Kevin S Currie


i had a total reset...once a year in a one year tourney everyone including newbies will get a chance to move up quickly. points are of no monitary value and shouldn't be...the current leaderboard is great.

K.C. Magic Data

There still needs to be an incentive for a player to want to hand over all their points from the last 6 years.... :o
Kevin S Currie


except that points are meaningless.  All they actually show is time spent playing kaiser online.  I for one would have no problem giving up my points, it is my averagge that I like to work on.  Perhaps it would be better to show top averages on the leader board instead of points.  Although that would present the problem that players would play/win one or 2 games under a name and be at the top average, as well as those players that choose to play in closed rooms against bots.  I'm not sure either would be beneficial.  My 2 cents worth is to only allow one username per membership.  If someone wants more than one name, they pay for it.  Which means more money in your pocket Kevin and a lot less hassles.


If I ever need a business manager, you are SO the top choice FY  lol
I think the point reset yearly is fine, I try to work on my average too...and with the move west all my abandons from dang powr outages will be wiped out !!!! WOO HOOOOO...east coast is wearing thin  lol


I agree with FY the points mean nothing to me, but I would be all in with my points if you wanted to try another change.


I agree to   giving up my points is not a big deal because they r worth nothing....the top leaders may be a litte miffed but they play enough to go back up there


I agree too, I have no problem giving up my points.