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Kaiser Four for Macs coming?

Started by AllanG, December 04, 2017, 01:40:56 am

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I am enjoying Kaiser Four but I cannot play it on my holidays with our Mac laptop.  I am considering buying a PC Windows laptop in order to play online against other players.  My understanding is that the only other options are to play single player versions.  I am going to the Philippines for two months in a week.  Can Kaiser four be played on some kind of tablet with a screen large enough to be practical?   Suggestions?

K.C. Magic Data

Just to clarify things.

Kaiser Four is the name given to the 4 player version and Kaiser One is the name for the single 1 player version, hence the names. Kaiser Four is available only for Microsoft Windows. However you can run Windows on your Mac laptop. In fact thats all i use now is Macs and i do all my programming on Macs. heres how, click link below:


Install Parallels, then you will need a licensed copy of Windows.

Kevin S Currie


If this only works with Windows 10 I cannot use it without upgrading to the 10 version.  I looked at the "parallel" link website and viewed the help introductory video.  I use windows 7 Professional, purchased with new computer July 2016, so I do not want to upgrade.  The last time I tried to download a newer Windows version (8?) my computer froze and I had to buy a new one.  I am still mad at Microsoft for that as I was "boxed in" and could not refuse the offer at the time, or it appeared that way to me.

Is the parallel version to run Windows on Macs good for older versions than Windows 10?

K.C. Magic Data

You do NOT have to use Windows 10 for either Paralells or Kaiser Four.

I installed XP, 7,8, & 10 just to test Kaiser with them all. So buy Paralells and install your copy of Windows 7.
You need a CD or install method for Windows though.
Just not sure about the activation as they may only allow activation once. (Some allow twice).
Kevin S Currie