Points tournament wonky points total

Started by AllanG, August 02, 2017, 09:07:10 pm

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August 2 .... early tournament (points tourney) problem with my points:
I thought I did great and might have won the tournament but I finished 9th out of 14 players.  I thought I won all three games with lots of tricks and bids won and never got set.  I remember
The scoreboard showed:
two wins, 0 losses, 21 bids made and 24 tricks - wonky.
I tried to take a screen shot of the scoreboard for you but did not succeed with online instructions after Google search.
Something unusual about my play was that I was late for the third round so I hosted with a late start.  Thanks to the other players and all players for being patient - but we still finished the tourney after 65 minutes from start - approx.15 minutes after the hour.

K.C. Magic Data

2 Wins 0 losses would indicate that a win never got recorded. I cant really say what caused that. Its possible that when a player starts a room then closes then joins another might cause that, not sure. After i have completed the next version of Kaiser for the Ipad and Iphone i will be revamping the Points tournament completely.

Kevin S Currie