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Kaiser 4 the good and the bad

Started by cat, June 11, 2017, 10:36:02 am

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1. The bots are as bad as ever
2. I liked the history of hands
3. You cant tell who the dealer was after the cards have started to begin playing
4. The 7 pm tourny is still excruciating to play I thought it was voted out

1.No more pathetic comments section
2. No more resets

K.C. Magic Data

June 11, 2017, 11:21:18 am #1 Last Edit: June 11, 2017, 12:11:07 pm by K.C. Magic Data
You forgot to mention:

3. Larger Resizable screens and text.
4. 100's of wallpaper
5. 100's of New Avatars
6. Nine decks
7. New Smileys
8. Less annoying voices  ::)
9. Easier to start games
10. Pager text is sizeable
11. Less cluttered and more user friendly... no more menus
12. K4 is up to date and faster on the internet.

7 PM voted out? What does K4 have to do with that being excruciating?
I know you don't like how it is scored, but there are others that like it, so im not just going to scrap it. Im going to revamp it.

The New Game button and Reset table are now combined. They essentially do the same thing anyway.

There has not been a Kaiser Network update for atleast a year so the bot playing hasnt changed in that time. There was a flaw i discovered while writing the Kaiser One for Mac that would cause the bots to not know the highest and lowest cards left in each suit. I fixed the problem in Kaiser One, then updated Kaiser Four last month, then Kaiser Network was just updated on Friday.  Just lately i have started to play Kaiser One every night which allows me to see how they are doing and the mistakes they make. My mom does too and faithfully reports all problems to me as she finds them.

I was happy to find this flaw and fix it because overall it caused alot of the weird unexplainable plays that the bots did such as where and when they played the 5 and 3. I sit in rooms lately and watch the bots play against humans and personaly im happy with their skills.

Ill come watch one of your games against bots and you can point out these "as bad as ever" scenarios to me...
Kevin S Currie


I know its hard to make a bot think and play like a human, but it gets so frustrating when u bid 7no the third bidder goes 8 and the bot passes with all the help in the world because it cant recognize what a 7no bid means from their partner. The bot always plays the highest card. It never pulls trump for their partner. Do come by sometime and Ill give you some tips on how to improve the bots if you can.

K.C. Magic Data

I just tried Kaiser Four and bid 7no and the bot did play the 5 wrong. I am now aware of this and this is obviously not intended, just a code glitch during the Kaiser Network to Kaiser Four code. It never did this in Kaiser Network over the past 12 years.

I will try and track this code flaw down and issue an update soon.

Thanks Cat

Kevin S Currie

K.C. Magic Data

A problem was found with the Kaiser Four code that would cause the bots to play wrong. It is now fixed.

This is to do with card playing and not bidding.
Kevin S Currie