game over and lost when bid made doesn't make sence

Started by rabak, May 31, 2017, 01:10:49 pm

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kaiser is usually bid out from 45. we were at 34 opposition at 51. we bid and made 7 no trump but they took the 5 and 3 on one trick. they were awarded the game. i don't feel this is right because they never bid and we were not set.

K.C. Magic Data

Actually the official "Bid Out" is 47 not 45.

These rules are in place to prevent games from never ending.
You must take the 5 if you bid, when the opponents are at 47 or higher. If you don't make your bid, they are allowed to count their tricks as well.

However i think this is the one and only instance that actually causes the question of should they be allowed to count if you in fact made your bid because taking all tricks without the 5 and 3 can still add up to 7.

The Trade Mark rules indicate this exact scenario and that they cannot count points because your bid was made and therefore this cancels the must make your bid rule at 47 or higher.

I think its just a oversight in the scoring. Ill look into it and see what i can do.

Thanks for pointing it out.

Kevin S Currie


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C'mon Rabak, nobody likes a crybaby.  ;)
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