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Kaiser Four changes

Started by K.C. Magic Data, March 24, 2017, 10:11:36 am

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K.C. Magic Data

March 24, 2017, 10:11:36 am Last Edit: March 24, 2017, 11:14:20 am by K.C. Magic Data
Some of the new additions to this version are:

colors, decks, wallpaper, emoticons, larger screens, resizing screens, text sizing in pager and overall more user friendly.

Some of the subtractions to this version are:

Offline messaging, cover 3 option, lobby games, skin themes, feedback restrict, feedback comments, find user, closing room connections, reserve seat, mute player, disabling TRAM, sounds and voice option combined. No more History in the room. Chat smileys with Emoticons. Community stats moved to website. Membership purchasing moved to Secure Website. And of course the controversial no more Reset Table.

Why is Table Reset Button missing?... Just the button is missing.

In this version New Game and Reset Table are combined into 1 button.
The table will reset accordingly when the New Game button is pressed.

In the previous version the reset table was being misused. When 2 players join a room almost 100% of the time they would be partners. If the game got off to a bad start such as bots made a 10no and the score was 20 - 0 then often you would see "Reset the table please". To me this was the only reason people used the Reset Table button.
What these players may not have known, was they could also choose New Game and if all players at the table say "Yes" then a new game is started without having to re-seat.

The New Game button will control the table reset accordingly. This means if a table reset is allowed then it will reset the table and a new game is started as well. In any circumstance the Host always has control over the table, the players in the seats and in the room.

In the past:

1. if a Host closed the room then all players were ejected to lobby
2. If the host pressed Reset Table, then all players were ejected from the table
3. If the host pressed New Game, the players chose yes or no.
4. At the end of the hand the host can open a seat


If the Host presses New Game at the end of a hand when no other player is seated, then the table will Reset and this becomes a New Game.

If New Game is pressed when 1,2 or 3 players are seated, then the other players vote if a new game is allowed.

If the Host needs to Reset the Table for the reason of seat changes then they would click on the player in a seat and choose remove from seat.  At the end of the hand the seat is available again.

My goal is to make Kaiser Four easier to use, visually appealing and user friendly by removing cumbersome options and overloaded screens and menus.

Kevin S Currie


Okay, so... just voicing my opinion.    Although I like some aspects of the new version, I am not a big fan of not having offline messages.  Now I can't message my bestie to line games up with her.  Secondly, feedback, I appreciate feedback, I read it and I make my own judgments.   I don't appreciate trying to play with a player who acts and behaves like a total moron. I like to weed this stuff out before hand.  Negatives and positives standing alone mean nothing.  How do you  back your positive up?  How do you back your negative up?  More often times than not, I make judgement calls on the people that are actually writing the feedback and not on the person who is receiving it.    I realize this will not change anything, but... I will and always be a big fan of the original version.  All i ever wanted was better more intelligent play from the computer lol.  Thanks as always though for all of the work you do and for keeping the cost of this entertainment reasonably priced.   Looking forward to iPhone capability. 

K.C. Magic Data

I appreciate the feedback.

Let me explain why these features are missing.

I looked at how often offline messages were being used and it was very little.

The feedback comments were a big controversary since day one and having to try monitor and correct when comments went to far was becoming a huge pain in the opposite of my front. 
I went back to the basics of keeping it simple to use and look at because the end result should be that people are here to play the game of Kaiser in the best envoroment i can provide.  K4 and K1 are the future of my products. They are not upgrades but rather replacements to a 12 year old version that was experiencing trouble with the newer operating systems.
Kevin S Currie


I totally agree with Soul, I really miss offline mssgs. I realize it may be a pain for administrators but to be candid we are paying for memberships and you got us hooked on it in the first place. It's like the Americans getting used to Obamacare and now Trump taking it away and giving tax breaks instead. Where is our tax break then???? LOL!!!!

K.C. Magic Data

And i totally have to agree with Trump

Kevin S Currie