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Title: Feedback
Post by: K.C. Magic Data on January 28, 2007, 01:13:24 pm


By selecting a User Name  you will have the option to give the user a Positive or Negative feedback point.

A check mark will be placed beside Add Positive or Add Negative once you have selected. You may reverse the feedback

by selecting the opposite choice. Feedback comments show who gave the Positive or Negative and is limited to 1 point from each computer. This means that you cannot send multiple feedback to the same player from the same computer.

A users feedback can be viewed by selecting View user Details. Feedback does not change any of the points accumulated.

Negative Feedback

Please use this feature responsibly. Do not give Negative feedback just because someone doesn't play a card properly or wins a game against you. If a player is using foul language try the "Filter Foul Language" first. If a player is bothering you then try the "Add to Ignore". If a player is being abusive to the system and to others then I will take care of that problem.

Once you have given someone a Negative feedback then the only way to reverse it is to give them a Positive feedback.

Positive feedback

Give a user a Positive feedback if you feel they deserve it and are courteous and friendly to others. Use this feature respectfully.